Allgemeine Vermietbedingungen englisch (General Terms & Conditions Germany)

1. Rates

The rates on the respective price list that is applicable at the time of rental shall apply. If the renter does not meet the preconditions for a special rate, then the standard rate is to be paid. In the event of one-way rental, the one-way rate shall be applicable. This rate shall also  be  paid,  if  the  truck  is  checked  in  to  a  location  other  than  the  contractually  agreed check-in location. If a vehicle is checked in on the island of Sylt or abroad, additional costs will be charged, depending on the place of check-in. The renter shall be charged for the costs for  fuel and refuelling service, if the vehicle is not checked in  with a full tank. The renter shall be liable for all fees, duties, fines and penalties incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle and for which the rental company is charged. As compensation for the resulting  administration  costs,  Europcar  will  charge  a  service  fee  of  €14.50  per  incident. Likewise  the  renter  shall  bear  all  possibly  incurred  tolls  in  accordance  with  the  German Motorway  Toll  Act.  Exclusively  the  renter  of  the  vehicle  or  the  registered  keeper  of  the trailer shall be responsible for the payment of the trailer collection charge.

2. Return of the vehicle

The renter is obligated to return the vehicle at the agreed place during the opening times of Europcar upon expiry of the rental agreement.

3. Payment terms

Upon rental a deposit of at least the amount of the expected final price shall be made. The remaining amount shall be paid upon check-in of the vehicle. In the event that the rate for the rent is credited due to a contractual agreement, it shall fall due 14 days after receipt of the invoice unless both parties agreed deviating terms of payment.  After the occurrence of default,  a  fee  of  €4.00  will  be  charged  for  each  reminder.  If  the  renter  defaults,  default interests of 5% above the respective base rate, but at least 6% p.a., shall become applicable. The renter may provide evidence that the damage caused by the default is lower. If the assignment of a debt collecting agency should become necessary due to default on the part of the renter, the renter shall bear the costs incurred thereby, unless he was recognisably unable or unwilling to pay or did not raise any other objections against the basis for the claim.

4. Reservation, pick-up and cancellation

Reservations are only valid for price groups, not for types of vehicles. The vehicle shall be picked up 1 hour after the agreed time  at the  latest. After that the reservation shall no longer be binding for Europcar. Cancellations made at least 2 hours prior to the rental are free of charge. If the cancellation is not made in time or if the vehicle has not been picked up to the agreed beginning time of the rental, a cancellation fee of €30,- has to be paid, unless the vehicle could be rented to someone else.

5. Authorised driver/ Applied charge for driver under 23 years of age

The vehicle  may only be driven  by the renter, the driver  stated in the rental  agreement, professional drivers employed by the renter on the renter‘s behalf as well as the renter‘s family members as long as they have the required minimum age and are in possession of a valid driving license. The renter shall be obligated to provide Europcar with the name and address  of  all  the  vehicle‘s  drivers  on  demand,  unless  these  are  stated  in  the  rental agreement.   The drivers shall be deemed to be the renter‘s vicarious agents. For drivers and  additional drivers under 23 years of age an additional young driver charge will be applied.

6. Prohibited use, restricted entry

I. The renter shall be prohibited to use the vehicle for the following purposes:

a. participation in a motor sports event, vehicle tests and driver safety training,

b. on for the public transport not freely accessible separated working area of an airport, in particular on the approach and landing field

c. the transport of easily inflammable, toxic or other harmful substances,

d. for committing customs fraud or other criminal offences, even if these are only subject to punishment according to the law of the place where the offence was committed,

e. for sub-rental,

f. for other purposes exceeding the contractually agreed use.

II. The use of the vehicle is only permitted within Europe:

a.  In  Great  Britain,  Ireland,  Italy,  Poland,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  the  Czech  Republic  and Hungary exclusively vehicles of the classes mini, economy, compact, lower middle-sized class and middle-sized class may be used.

b.  In  the  countries  Albania,  the  Balearic  Islands,  the  Baltic  republics,  Bulgaria,  Elba, Greece, Iceland, the Canary Islands, Corsica, Croatia, Malta, Rumania, Sardinia, Sicily, Turkey and all the others of Yugoslavia‘s successor  states (apart from Slovenia) and the USSR, the use is prohibited.

7. Repairs

Repairs that are necessary for ensuring the vehicle‘s operating and traffic safety may be commissioned by the renter without special approval up to a price of €50.00 larger repairs require Europcar‘s prior approval. Europcar shall bear the costs upon presentation of the respective documents, unless the renter is liable for the damage (see item 10).

8. Conduct in the event of accidents or other cases of damage

After accidents, fire, theft, damages caused by game animals or other damages, the renter shall immediately inform the police. This also applies to damages through the renter‘s own fault, without third party involvement. Counterparty claims may not be acknowledged. The renter  undertakes  to  immediately  provide  Europcar  with  a  detailed  written  report  and  a drawing, even in the event of minor damages.
In  particular,  the  damage  report  shall  state  the  names  and  addresses  of  the  persons involved  and  possible  witnesses  as  well  as  the  registration  numbers  of  the  vehicles  involved.

9. Credit card payment

For  transactions,  in  which  the  currency  of  the  card  holder‘s  credit  card  differs  from  the currency in the country of rental, the following shall apply:
Upon rental the renter has the option of either paying the rent in the currency of the country of rental or in the currency of the credit card. If payment is made in the currency of the credit card, Europcar will convert the invoice amount from the currency of the rental country. The following statement will be printed onto the rental agreement:

The invoice amount will be converted into the currency of the credit card, stating the 3-letter-code for the identification of the respective currency (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR)".
  The final invoice amount will be converted on the basis of the currency exchange rate accord- ing to Reuter on the day of the check-in of the vehicle with a surcharge of 2.75%. All subsequent or changed costs will be based on the currency chosen by the renter, namely on the base of the applicable exchange rate on the day of the receipt of the cost note. The multi currency exchange service is provided by Monnex Financial Service. The renter can only demand the change of the chosen currency upon check-in, if he demands a list of all costs incurred. In  all  other  cases,  the  currency  chosen  upon  check-out  shall  be  binding.  If  for  whatever reason the conversion cannot be processed by Europcar, or is declined by the cardholder at the time of check-out the invoice will be issued in the currency of the country of rental and then converted afterwards according to the cardholder's bank conditions.

10. Renter‘s liability

a. In the event of accident damages, loss, theft or improper use of the vehicle or the breach of contractual obligations in terms of items 5, 6 and 8 of these Terms, the renter shall be liable for repair costs and - in the event of total write-off - the replacement value after deduction of the residual value, if the renter or the driver is responsible for the damages. Furthermore, the renter  shall  also  reimburse  the  costs  for  possible  subsequent  damages,  especially  impair- ment, towing costs, experts‘ fees and a fixed charge for administration costs. Liability of the renter is void, if neither the renter nor the driver of the vehicle is responsible for the damage.
b. If a liability exemption against payment of an additional charge is agreed upon, Europcar indemnifies the renter from damages to the rental vehicle in accordance with the principles of a fully comprehensive cover with the following excess amounts plus a fixed charge of €29.50. The exemption from liability includes damages caused by accident, i.e. a sudden event, directly affecting the vehicle from the outside with mechanical force; damages caused by braking, mechanical and electrical breakdown and pure breakages shall not be deemed to be accident damages. Therefore, the exemption from liability does not include damages that were caused by improper use and/or operation of the vehicle, for example due to gear switching errors or refuelling the vehicle with an incorrect type of fuel or damages which are caused  by  the  material  loaded. The excess for cars up to the upper medium-sized class amounts to €850.00 per damage; however, the excess amount is €1,050.00 for particularly valuable  vehicles  in  the upper  medium-sized class (e.g.  BMW  525d), luxury class  vehicles (e.g. Audi A6) as well as mini vans (e.g. VW Sharan). For renters/drivers under 23 years of age (apart from commissioned company drivers and in the event of the rental of a replace- ment vehicle after an accident or via travel insurance) the excess amounts to €1,200.00. For trucks up to group 4 it amounts to €750.00 for group 5 (e.g. MAN 8.180) €1,000.00 for group 6+7 (heavy  trucks) to €1,500.00 per damage. A list of the excess amount that is applicable for the respective vehicle is available at the place of check-in. These  excess amounts shall only apply, if no other deviating individual agreements were made. c. The exemption from liability does not release from the obligations in items 5, 6 and 8 of these Terms. The renter shall be fully liable for intentional breach of contractual obligations, especially for damages that are caused by an unauthorised driver (item 5) or for prohibited use  (item  6).  In  the  event  that  the  driver  commits  an  intentional  hit-and-run  accident  or infringes  on  his  obligations  in  terms  of  item  8,  he  shall  likewise  be  fully  liable,  unless  the infringement does not affect the ascertainment of the damage occurrence. In case of grossly negligent breach of contractual obligations, the renter shall be liable in relation to the serious- ness of his fault. Furthermore, the renter shall be fully liable, if the damage was intentionally caused. If the damage was caused by gross negligence, the renter  shall be liable in relation to the seriousness of his fault. d.  When  taking  out  partial  insurance  cover,  the  renter  shall  be  liable  with  an  excess  of €160.00  per  damage  occurrence  plus  a  fixed  charge  of  €29.50  for  damages  caused  by collisions  with  furred  game,  glass  damages,  fire,  theft  and  damages  by  natural  forces  in particular. e. Otherwise the statutory regulations shall apply.

11. Liability on the part of Europcar

All liability on the part of Europcar due to the breach of the contractual obligations agreed upon shall be limited to wilful intent and gross negligence, including wilful intent and gross negligence on the part of its representatives and vicarious agents.
Only  in  the  events  of  bodily  injury  and  health  impairment,  breach  of  essential  contractual obligations and mandatory liability in accordance with the product liability law, Europcar shall also be liable for ordinary negligence. In this event the extent of the liability shall be limited to the replacement of the foreseeable damages, which are typical for this type of contract.

12. Limitation of time

If the accident was registered by the police, damage claims on the part of Europcar against the renter will only become due after Europcar had the opportunity of accessing the files of the enquiry. The period of limitation commences at the latest 6 months after check-in of the vehicle. In the event that Europcar accesses the files, Europcar shall immediately inform the renter with regard to the time of access.

13. Non - smoker vehicles

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all our vehicles. Europcar is authorized, to apply every case of culpable infringement of this prohibition of the driver or third person in the vehicle a compensation charge of €80,00. The renter will be permitted to prove that there was no infringe- ment or that the compensation charge has to be applied with lower amount.

14. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers a maximum sum insured of €100 million for any material or pecuniary loss, for personal injury the maximum sum insured is restricted to €8 million per person.

15. Passenger Accident Cover

Passenger accident cover is only valid if it was explicitly agreed between the contracting parties. The maximum sum insured in case of disability is €20,000.00, in case of death €10,000.00 and for medical treatment costs €500.00. The sum insured increases 50% higher on a proportional claim if there are two or more passengers in the vehicle. This cover protects primarily the driver involved in self œ inflicted accidents up to the sum insured, as the driver cannot lay claim to the third party liability of the Europcar vehicle.

Version: September 2012


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